We believe in making Medicare easy to understand. What for most people is a confusing and daunting task, for you will be a walk in the park!  


From start to finish, we will be there to educate you about your options and assist with the entire enrollment process. We will help you apply for your Original Medicare card and enroll you in the supplemental Medicare plan of your choice.  We represent most of the major insurance companies in Colorado and we offer independent advice to help you choose the health and prescription coverage that best suits your healthcare needs, budget, and lifestyle. 


If you’re new to Medicare, we will explain:

  • The rights and options that are vital for you to be aware of when you turn 65 or retire.

  • The important differences between Medicare Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans and the consequences of choosing one type of plan versus the other. 

  • The complexities of Part D Prescription Drug Plans. We will ensure you have the lowest out of pocket costs for your drugs.


As our client, we will review your supplemental plan(s) each year to insure that you continue to have optimum health coverage at the most affordable rates. Each year, during the Annual Election Period, which runs from October 15th to December 7th, we will compare your current plan with other plan offerings and help you switch your insurance company/plan if necessary.  We will be available year after year to answer your questions and to act as your advocate.

                                              OUR SERVICES ARE ALWAYS FREE

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

    • HMO

    • PPO

    • PFFS: Private Fee For Service

    • With/without Part D drug coverage

    • Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligible

    • Chronic Illness Special Needs

  • Medicare Supplement Plans

    • Medigap Plans A - N

  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans

    • Included in Medicare Advantage

    • Stand-alone drug plans

  • Dental / Vision Insurance Plans

A partial list of the companies we choose to represent: